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On Meeting Tom DeLay In An Unusual Place In NYC

(This is a cross-post from a comment I left on Crooks and Liars)

I shook The Bug Man's hand this past week in NYC.

I was in the lobby of the newspaper, The Forward, (an Air America sponsor, btw, more on this below), going to see them on business, when I looked up and saw the disgraced Congress Critter.

I couldn't help it, I blurted out his name, which led to him sticking his paw out for a shake.

I was too close to refuse it, so I took it.

For a piece of ooze, I must admit that he had a decent firm and grip, not too gross and clammy, as you might expect.

That's the nicest, most charitable, thing I can say about him, outside of the fact that he looks just like his mug-shot in person, only shorter, balder, (I'm taller, leaner, and have much better hair, thank you very much), and DeLay doesn't look like he's missing too many meals.

Anyways we locked out mitts for a moment, and as we did, Mr. DeLay said to me,

"Nyc, Tom DeLay, it's a pleasure to meet to meet you."

To which I responded:

"Sir, I couldn't possibly begin to say the same to you.

Not after what you and yours have done to my country."

He kinda drew back, not sure if he heard me right, and just so there was no mistake I asked him,

"How's that case of yours in Texas coming along for you?"

He said it was great, that "they didn't want to to trial" at which I just snorted, and then I asked him about this new Congress, and what he thought of them and he replied that he was "disappointed."

I'll bet.

The elevator arrives, and as you can expect, it's not just awkward in there, but as DeLay's fellow Texan, Kinky Friedman, would say, a complete tension convention in there.

He nattered on about how his congress had done some great work in the 12 years he worked on the Hill, and I told him that I had seen it up close and personal for the near three years I worked on the Hill and that it was going to take a generation to undo.

Finally, the elevator stopped at our floor, we were going to same place on separate business, and the last thing he heard from me was,

"I need to take a really hot and soapy shower now."

What I'm having a real problem with here is that, given its illustrious history, WTF is going on that The Forward would let something like that into their offices?

I don't get it.

I didn't ask then, but I can ask now. 

If anyone has an answer to that question, I'd love to hear it.

My hunch is is that it goes beyond making the rounds for his new book.

Another question is, is that in DeLay's three person party, one was a tall nebbishy dude and the third was this uber-hottie, that was most definitely not his wife.

How do human scum-buckets like him attract women like that?

The Kissinger thing doesn't apply here, (since DeLay's been driven out of Office), or does it?


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The Untapped, $5 Trillion Market

Dennis Crow, Our Pen Warmed In Hell regular contributor wrote:

The Untapped, $5 Trillion Market
Doing the math on this suggests that the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) folks average $1250 per year income. Hmmmm, I made about $5K last year. I guess things could be worse.

Let me, Nyc Alberts, respond to this:

$5K last year?


I didn't do much better, myself, but then again, I know I'm not my motherfucking khakis, so it doesn't sting as much as the TV tells me that it's supposed to.

So there.

This article is slightly disingenuous in that while it states that the purchasing power for the 4 billion Bottom of the pyramid (BOP) folks is $5 trillion dollars, it completely leaves off just how many trillions of dollars of purchasing power we 2 billion folks at the Top of The Pyramid (TOP) have to spend.

Put the TOP and BOP cash figures together and divide by 6.5 billion, and then you'll really have something to work with.

In the meantime, consider this, courtesy your friend and mine, Tyler Durden:

"You are not your motherfucking khakis"

Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's About Fucking Time....

"Mr President, you're leading us off a cliff.


I yield the floor."

Sunday, March 11, 2007

This is Even Funnier

As it turns out, Mr. Matt Sanchez was actually outed by a guy named "Larry" on Christmas Eve of 2006 on a Chairman Mann Coulter Fansite on Myspace.

Here's the entry from the Myspace page itself:


I am surprised that Mr. Sanchez has such right-wing views, considering his past. I recentlyy stumbled across irrefutable proff that Mr. Sanchez is the former gay-pornstar actor "Rod Majors" who professed to be bisexual when he was pushing his pornograpgic material to the gay public. I would have thought he'd be ultraliberal. This is plain, pure hypocrisy and I have forwarded my evidence to "The Smoking Gun".America needs honesty right now. Not so hypocritical garbage passing himself off as the guardian of morality.

Posted by Larry on Sunday, December 24, 2006 at 1:15 PM
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Mini biography
Born Pierre LaBranche, this hunky French-Canadian started his movie career... (show more)
Sometimes Credited As:
Pierre LaBranche
...... .. ....
.... .. ......IMDbPro Details.. ......Add IMDb Resume.. .. ..

Filmography as: Actor

Actor - filmography

  1. The Best of Dave Logan (1999) (V)
  2. Touched by an Anal (1997) (V)
  3. Jawbreaker (1995) (V) .... Convict 3
  4. All About Last Night (1995) (V)
  5. Built Tough (1995) (V) .... Rod
  6. Beat Off Frenzy (1994) (V)
  7. Bi-conflict (1994) (V) .... David
  8. Conflict of Interest (1994) (V) .... Rod
  9. Idol Country (1994) (V) .... First guy in barn
  10. Laid to Order (1994) (V) .... Third guy on couch
  11. Lunch Hour 2: Sweating Grease (1994) (V) .... Garage thief
  12. Man to Men (1994) (V) .... No-nonsense top
  13. Secret Sex 2: The Sex Radicals (1994) (V)
  14. Montreal Men (1993) (V) (as Pierre LaBranche) .... First hustler
  15. Woody's (1993) (V) .... Rod
  16. Call of the Wild (1992) (V) (as Pierre LaBranche)

Posted by J.D. on Monday, January 01, 2007 at 4:44 AM

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From the Internet Movie Database:

Rod Majors



Gee, Larry... how about chapter and verse? Put your documentation where your mouth is... if it's irrefutable, let us see it, because I wasn't able to find it at The Smoking Gun!

Posted by J.D. on Monday, January 01, 2007 at 4:34 AM

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Fun Week For The Reich Wing

This time last week the Right Wing Blogosphere was all in a tizzy because Mike Stark of CallingAllWingnuts, posted a picture of himself taken at CPAC 2007, with Michelle Malkin on his website.

They totally freaked over there on the Rabid Right, and hurled the charge of being a "stalker" at him and made all sorts of threats upon his person, which is no surprise, given the near beating he took at the hands of the thugs that were working on the er-election campaign of former Republican Senator George Allen, because Stark asked him a few impertinent questions during a campaign stop last year.

That might have been the end of it, except right after CPAC was over, it turned out that one of the darlings of the right, a 36 year old junior at Columbia U., in NYC, by the name of Matt Sanchez, a Marine Corps IRR Corporal, who allegedly stood up to some anti-war protesters at Columbia, who had been feted for his efforts on O'Reilly and Hannity's shows on FOX, turned out to be a gay prostitute and porn star.

He was invited to attend CPAC 2007 so that they could bestow the honor of giving him The Jeanne Kirpatrick Academic Freedom Award for his allegedly standing up to the anti-war contingent at Columbia.

It wouldn't be nearly as funny if it weren't for the fact that this gay USMC, Individual Ready Reserve, Corporal Matt Sanchez was sought out by Michelle Malkin herself, here's how Sanchez describes their meeting at CPAC:

"One of the prettiest faces on TV was among the first to greet me at the CPAC. In the world of blogging Malkin is a giant where most aspire to be lilliputian. I hoped to introduce myself to her, but she gleefully welcomed me before I could even speak. "Cpl Sanchez!!!". I was honored she even knew my name, and believe or not, she's even more attractive in person. "


Too funny.

Here's the picture that Malkin with Matt Sanchez at CPAC 2007 that she gladly posed for:

It's been fun watching these idiots fall all over themselves over this, they kind of forgot all about Mike Stark's picture with Malkin.

I wonder why?

Here are some comments I wrote earlier this week in response to a wingnut about this case:

Nothing wrong with being gay and and it's not a bad choice or a mistake to be in gay porn flicks or engage in consensual sex for pay.

Columbia University isn't cheap and there's no way the Montgomery GI Bill would even begin to cover his textbook costs, never mind tuition, and I'll bet he had a better time making his money for that that way than he would have had flipping burgers.

So more power to him, as far as that goes.

I've had a gay, Annapolis grad officer try to sleep with me when I was in, that I could have turned in and destroyed his military career, but I didn't, because I had respect for them as a person.

This piece of shit, puke, Sanchez, on the other hand is a traitor and a Kapo, of the Benedict Arnold class, because by getting with Malkin, Coulter, Hannity and O'Reilly, he's sold himself out, and betrayed everyone of his sexual orientation, to people that want to outlaw people that have his sexual orientation, just so he can get ahead and have his 15 minutes.


And if he's seeing any residual income from his film career that he didn't tell his recruiters about when he enlisted then he's in violation of the UCMJ and needs to be drummed out of the Corps for being a liar.

If a traitorous kapo like that is what the "Conservatives" of modern day America have devolved into respecting, then you guys are about done.

Good luck to you.

Here's another set of pics of Sanchez and his fan base that I ran earlier this week:

This Is A Public Service Announcement: Do Not Motherflucking Call - Time to Reregister, Bitches

Do Not Call - Time to Refuckingregister

The Do Not Call Registry is a shield against annoying telemarketing calls.

link: The National Do Not Call Registry

The Attorney General of Kansas has reminded that it may be time to re-register:

“”What people sometimes forget is that the registration is only good for 5 years…they need to re-register soon,” said Ashley Anstaett, of the Attorney General’s Office.”

link: Attorney General Urges Kansans to Register Do Not Call

And you can register a cell phone number too.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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Worse Than Katrina

A comment I just posted on The Huffington Post:

Walter Reed is worse than Katrina.

Let me back that up.

More people have been killed in Iraq than were in Katrina.

More people have sustained life long injuries than we have seen with Katrina.

New Orleans may eventually recover, many of our Vets will never recover.

Katrina affected an area of the United States that is the equivalent in size to that of Great Britain.

Our neglected and maltreated Vets come from every State of the Union.

One thing that they are equal to in scope is that they are stains upon America visited by the Busch Administration that will linger for many, many years.


Back Stabbing USMC Reservist Corporal Matt Sanchez Is A Traitor And A Kapo

Note: My experience in the Marine Corps is that there is nothing worse than a back-stabber, which is what Corporal Sanchez has proven himself to be by betraying every gay person in America by consorting with their enemies on the Right.

From a recent correspondence:

On 3/7/07, Nyc W. Alberts wrote:

I'm curious, under the 'don't ask, don't tell' provisions, isn't Cpl
Sanchez in some sort of violation of the UCMJ if he's still receiving
any sort of residual income from his film work? Do you know anyone that
knows what sort of statute might apply to that or who may be able to
follow up on that angle?

Semper Fi,


Anon Blogger wrote:

nah - i won't go after him... he did serve, after all...

Nyc W. Alberts wrote:

2 kinds of Marines, Reservists, and those that wish they were.

Now I'm going to get serious, because all kidding aside, none of this is a laughing matter and is as grave as a heart-attack.

I had a gay, black, Annapolis Lieutenant, that looked like Denzel Washington, (that took a liking to me, because I went to the College that's directly across the street from the Naval Academy in Annapolis), avidly pursue me on the Base I was stationed at in 1989, that I had to forcefully rebuff his sexual advances towards me, that I didn't turn in because, a) I would never do that, b) it would have been a waste of his very expensive taxpayer education and promising career and c) I thought the policy was/is retarded and d) oh, right, I'm as straight as an arrow.

However, I believe this guy, Matt Sanchez's, case is different than my Butter bar Lieutenant's was in that he's already been outed, and he's gotten into bed with people that are trying to outlaw people like him who have his sexual orientation, for nothing more than his personal gain and enrichment and he doesn't care that those that are orientated like him have been, and are going to be, treated like second class citizens, or worse.

I view gay Republican/Conservatives like him in the exact same way that Jewish Nazi Death Camp Prisoners viewed those among them who co-operated with their Nazi jailers, they had a name for them, "Kapo".

A traitor, is a traitor, Mike, and this guy totally qualifies, he did pose with Coulter immediately after her Edwards slur, with a big smile on his face, too, and I believe a valid question is if he's a traitor to his own people, then is that someone you really want representing the Marine Corps?

Max Blumenthal did a really good job of conveying this same point here:
There is of course nothing inherently wrong with Sanchez being a gay porn star or a male escort. His past is only notable because he chose to join a movement that exploits anti-gay sentiment for political gain. Coulter’s now-famous “faggot” remark was not an aberration, but rather a symbol of the politics of resentment that propels the conservative movement and its elected Republican surrogates; a reflection of the bigotry conservatives have sought to write into the Constitution through the so-called Federal Marriage Amendment. The ascendant “family values” wing of the right is also responsible for sabotaging legislation allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the armed forces, a maneuver that may now spell the end of Sanchez’s career.
Now, I'm not going to lead a charge to nail this guy to the tree, but I do want to get across the magnitude of what it is he's doing by his attempt to get with people who want to vacate the civil rights of an entire class of people, that he belongs to, in this country, and just because he served doesn't automagically entitle him to a pass, in fact, just the opposite applies in his case, because he's serving, and selling out at the same time, he should be held to account, maybe not by you or me, but by somebody he is causing harm to.

Aight, that's enough of that rant.

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