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Your Tax Cuts At Work, An INSIDE Job!!!

When they said they were gonna:

"Build A Bridge To The 21st Century"

This must have been what they meant:

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Date: 2007-08-03, 10:28AM CDT

You see, asphalt gets really hot in the summer, sometimes approaching 160ºF. But steel melts at 2750ºF, which is FAR higher than the heat produced by sun-heated asphalt. That means that there is NO WAY the sun could have melted those steel beams, and THAT means that it had to have been taken down in a CONTROLLED EXPLOSION.

Witnesses reported feeling a rumble, hearing a loud boom or "crash" and seeing lots of smoke. These are all tell-tale signs that explosives were used, and that the construction up top was merely a cover for those who would have been planting the demolitions for weeks.

After watching the video footage, the bridge collapse happens in TWO DISTINCT SECTIONS. First, the central bridge structure, then the fore and aft sections a few seconds later. This sort of coordination is common when "pulling" a super-structure like this one. Thes portions weren't pulled down by the main structure, so they HAD to have been brought down manually.

And who stands to benefit from this? George Bush and his Big Construction cronies, that's who. Contracts like this can be worth up to $100 Billion or more, and the Big Construction Lobby (who have on their board of trustees none other than Norm Coleman and Tim Pawlenty - look it up) has been applying pressure on this repuglican administration since the 9/11 clean-up effort netted the clean-up crew (Masterson Infrastricture Inc. - a subsidiary of Halliburton) hundreds of millions in contract work.

Interestingly enough, the first reporters at the scene were from none other than KSTP and Fox 9 news. KSTP as you well know is a conservative talk radio station owned by Hubbard Broadcasting, and The FOX station? Yep, Rupert Murdock. Both were in the air and ready to report literally SECONDS after the collapse. Coincidence?

Also, since the Republican National Convention is going to be held here in Minneapolis, this was a well-planned stunt to use the city to procure the sympathies of the country by exploiting the dead and injured in this "tragedy." It is nothing more than a sick political stunt designed to garner republican votes in the next election.

Also of importance, was the fact that the collapse was timed to directly coincide with the passing of a train underneath. It's cargo? ETHANOL. A major shipment was going to to distributorships of E85, which could have cost the Big Oil companies millions in lost revenues. By stopping the shipment, Big Oil stood to make huge profits.

Oh, and one more thing. I heard from a credible source that what appeared to be a high flying stealth bomber was spotted by members of a kite-flying club flying over White Bear Lake just moments before the bridge collapsed, yet the MN National Guard and all branches of the military deny this. Cover-up anyone?

I don't know about you sheep, but I'm not going to sit back and just ACCEPT that there was a major, accidental structural failure of this bridge. As soon as Kos provides me with more evidence, I'll post it here.

(And if you believed any of this, you are a complete tool.)

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