Sunday, March 28, 2004

Richard A. Clarke & The White House Reaction to the 9/!! Hearings

I fucking don't even begin to know where to start with these fucking people....

I know, let's say we start with that cocksucking bitch, Presidential NSA Presidential Advisor, Dr. Condi Rice.

One may say, given the vociferousness of her attacks on Dick Clarke, that 'the Bitch doth protest too much,' and isn't it funny how she's past adamant about not testifying under oath, publicly, yet she's burning up the airwaves all week long, on all the major news shows, with a star turn to be done tonight on '60 Minutes.'

What's up with that?

Then her comment from last year:


Wait for it......

“No one could have predicted that they would try to use a…

hijacked airplane as a missile..."

I'm not the only one out here in webland that has noticed that this very scenario was a plot point in a Tom Clancy novel, Debt of Honor, where his All-American Wet Dream, Jack Ryan becomes US President when a 747 is smacked into The Capitol during a Joint Session of Congress, killing the President, mere moments after Jack Ryan was sworn in as Vice President, thus making him President of The United States of America, and shit.

All of a sudden nobody in the WH reads Tom Clancy?


Even money this is where Al-Qaeda got the idea in the first place.

Nothing's more encouraging to me when my Government keeps playing me for a fool, shows how much respect they have for me and their fellow Americans.

Days Left Until Bush Leaves Office, Maybe, Countown Clock