Sunday, July 18, 2004

Site Overhauled

Site reformat here at APWIH has gone swimmingly well.
I *am* going to miss the graphic flames I had on the sidebars, in the previous, beta version, but they ran into the default 'blogspot' ad banner that runs across all these blogs by default, and gave the page a really dated, busy look.
Not to mention cheesy.
Looks like I have no excuse not to post here more frequently, especially since I added this BlogThis! button to my mozilla/netscape browser.
Be nice if Google came out with a Google Toolbar button for Linux browsers as well, since both the tinyurl and now blogthis! buttons werk with this browser.

How hard can that possibly be?

UPDATE: 11/14/06: Wow, it's been over two years that I've let slide by without doing much with this site. Considering that I've got just as much to say as anyone else and may have insights that others may not have on the Issues Of The Day, it's kind of retarded on my end to have done this. In light of that, A Pen Warmed In Hell has just gone through another revamp, with a cleaner, less cluttered look that will hopefully be more attractive and accessible to the world at large. I built it, now let's see if they'll come.

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