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Below is a set of correspondence with a religionist that took issue with me over wiberals he perceived to be atheistic.

Good times.


Khaled T. wrote:

It is a fact that Hitler and his Nazi thugs were atheist, and their
ultimate goal was the irradication of all religion including

Yet they adopted one of the most ancient religious ideograms as their main party symbol?

What's up with that?

Sounds like a typical Karl Rove tactic to me.

Yes, it's true that they worked their way up the religious food chain and Catholics and Protestants might have next after they dealt with what they called "the Jewish Problem," but make no mistake, irregardless of what they thought of religion they did use the sanctioned churches of their era to manipulate the German people for their own nefarious ends.

That's part of the reason my Grandfather was allowed to keep his Martin Luther Kirche ministry for as long as he did, they needed him and others like him, despite his anti-Hitler activities.

That and he knew Russian and the only reason I exist to type this reply is that he was compelled to translate for them when they turned on the Soviet.

The Nazis may have been psychotic but they weren't stupid.

I believe it was Emerson that said "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds."

The link you posted is a Liberal website.

You say that like it's a bad thing.

There are links there that link to the original White Rose Pamphlets that are quite prominently placed, and while Craigslist is a cross-section of the American public not everybody on there is an idiot and is quite able to think for themselves and separate the wheat from the chaff.

It is known that libs are
not famous for their faith in G-d.

What of it?

The Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy is a wiberal with a radio talk show, and there are plenty of other wiberals out there who are church-going, god-fearing folk, so please don't bother me with sweeping generalities.

Let's not forget the role of the wiberal churches in this country during the Civil Rights movement, either.

Dr. Martin Luther King comes to mind.

Besides, what do you find more frightening?

A group of powerless, atheistic wiberals with a low traffic website that offend your divine sensibilities?

Or, a Fundamentalist Christian Air Force Academy trained crew at the helm of a Stealth B-2 bomber, armed with live nuclear weapons, that believe that they're on a 'Mission From God'?

Unlike the 9/11 homiciders they won't have to hijack the plane, or worry about the air traffic controllers, because they too are Fundamentalist Christians and therefore on the same team and believe in the mission.

How much do you want to bet that they'd do a lot more damage than those 19 retards did if they had a chance to act on their faith in god?

The White Rose had great faith in
G-d, hence the link of the website misrepresents and demeans both the
memory and the intent of the G-d fearing, G-d loving, original,
authentic White Rose resistant group.

Look, if you want to have a discussion of faith with me you need to consider this this preacher Grandfather of mine was Søren Kierkegaard's official German translator.

One of the books he translated was called 'Fear and Trembling,' a meditation on the subject of faith keyed on the Old Testament story of God ordering Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac.

I'm sure you've heard of it, being that you've no doubt read the bible from cover to cover.

(If you haven't, here's a helpful guide for you: )

Anyways, this Grandfather of mine was in Dresden on Valentine's Day 1945 when the Allied bombers turned it into a sheet of melted glass.
(100+ members of my family died that day in the firebombing, which did roughly 1,000 times the damage in civilian people, refugees, and property as our 9/11 attacks. It took them 60 years to rebuild the city.)

His response?

He kept his ministry until the day he died 30 years later.

If that's not a show of faith, I don't know what is and so excuse me, Khaled, I have very little patience with those who wish to broach the subject of faith with me.

For myself, I've got issues with a God that's into killing small children to test people and gets off on animal sacrifice as the God of Abraham most certainly did.

Here's some suggested reading on the subject for you:

This website is a sham and ought to be embarrassed of itself for
abusing the the Holy memory of these True Believers!!!!!!!

Right there with you.

But before we start judging these wiberals and start lining these evil atheistic wiberals up against the wall and shooting them, let's start with some of the more egregious abusers of faith first, like the Taliban, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and any others that anger you more, of which I'm sure there are many.

Here's some more reading for you, my friend:

If you've got any intelelctual honesty, or curiosity, there are plenty of other links on that site for you to explore the subject further, as well as a link to a forum where you are free to go to let them know what heathens they are.

You have you a nice day, Khaled, my friend.

Shalom* and peace,



You said:

re: White Rose

Holy shit, my East German mom wore a White Rose on her wedding day in
Munich in 1962.

Never connected that with this, despite my Preacher grandfather from
Dresden, a friend and contemporary of Thomas Mann, (so he must have
known these people too), standing up to and warning people about
Hitler in the 1930s, long before it was fashionable.

Hell, it took our US Government until 1942 to sanction George Bush's
grandfather, Prescott Bush, for doing business with the Nazis.

Anyhow, the video has practically zero information for a modern day
New York audience and it might help if you offered some background on
what they were about, like this:

You're welcome.

Free Mike Malloy!!!

this message was remailed to you via:

* My mom work as a restitutions claims expeditor for those who survived the Nazi death camps and her work generated roughly 500 million dollars for these people, so if you want to get on me for using a Jewish word, you're barking up the wrong tree. Again, you have you a nice day, my friend.

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