Monday, September 5, 2005

You Gonna Reap What You Sow

You can't have a get the fuck out of my way, hell-bent, every man for himself, 'get as much as you, as quick as you can, while you can, and to hell with everyone and everything else' culture, with all that goes with that, and then turn around and expect the events of last week to go any differently than they did.

Sorry, the numbers don't add up, and it just doesn't compute.

What is happening in New Orleans, and what will continue to happen, for a very long time, think of this as the first tip of a long line of dominoes, is entirely logical.

You put your bling-bling garbage in that our ghettoized American culture insists on ramming down the throat of the American Psyche, you're gonna get your garbage out.

It's that simple.

Ayn Rand had a fictionalized version of shit like this happening in Atlas Shrugged, and now it's going to play out in real time, just like in a bad, overwrought, novel like hers.

The irony being that in this Real Life version that we are living through the one's that would be the heroes in her fantasy land, as well as in any one of the protagonists of Tom Clancy's typings, are the villians of this piece.

A veritable Rogues Gallery we've got ourselves here that we've empowered with the Stewardship of this country and its Ciitizenry, and my suggestion to them is to go out and enjoy yourselves as much as you can now, fellas, buy those Ferragamos, take in a Monty Python show on Broadway, take a month long vacation, enjoy that fabulously prepared meal, take a cruise, do all that gluttonuous shit now, give yourselves medals for a job well done while you're at it, do all that, and go to sleep at night secure in the knowledge that you know history will not be kind to you.

This is gonna be a slow moving trainwreck, and to do my part to prepare for it, Christmas is most definitely cancelled.

I certainly won't be shopping at Wal-Mart this year, since they cut their werker's checks in affected areas after they didn't show up for work for 4 days.

Fuck 'em.

Same goes for McDonald's which stopped paying their people right away.

I mean what the fuck?

Let's go over for this again.

16 acres of prime downtown NY City real estate got totalled, (versus Katrina affecting an area about the size of Great Britain, btw), and the country SHUT DOWN for the better part of a week.

You do remember this, don't you?

It was only 4 years ago.

I know some people reading this may be on some sort of medication that impairs short-term memory, but what is this?

Mass hypnosis?

Trading was halted on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for the better part of a week, Major League Baseball and the NFL stopped playing their games, advertising on broadcast and cable was suspended, and the bulk of tv stations ran nothing but news instead of their regular programming.

None of that, absolutely NONE of it is happening now.

A few telethons here and there, look into rescheduling the upcoming LSU game, and making a decision as to where to put The Saints for the time being, let some uppity rappers and actors get a little outspoken and stray briefly off the reservation, and that's about it.

What the fuck is wrong with us?

We just had the equivalent of a couple of low level nuclear bombs dropped on us, and nothing.

Where's the National Dismay?

Why hasn't a National Day of Mourning already been set?

Why did it take the death of Rehnquist to have our flags set at Half-Mast in this country?

Why are there still SUV commercials for those Stupid Ugly roll-over Vehicles that extol their virtue in handling extreme rainy conditions still running on my Cable TV?

Or that GE Commercial featuring a computer generated elephant splashing around in a forest rain while 'Singing In The Rain' plays in the background?

Isn't that just a might in poor taste right now?

Why is THE FUCK is there a game on?

Any fucking game?

Why is anyone playing sports anywhere right now?

We're all too fucking busy fretting about the price of gas now to devote those kind of psychic resources to it.

Never mind that people's, "how am I going to take care of myself and mines?" seems to be the prevailing mindset in this country right now, which given how tight conditions are getting, I can't blame a lot of people for it, but here's the thing.

We can't afford to not pull together as a society, we just can't, that's just suicidal, because once you get locked that everyman for himself ethic, you also lock out the ability to work well with others in a crisis.

This is what we are seeing, it's as clear as the last steps of an Euclidean Proof.

Eric Clapton has a musical phrasing for it when he sings,

'Baby you know that old saying is true, furthur on up the road, you gonna reap just what you sow.'

Short term it's really not good, long term behavior like this can be ultimately crippling and fatal and do much more damage to us than Al Qaeda could ever dream of.

New Orleans, being the economic lynch pin it is, is not the spot where you want to have this sort of breakdown occur because the problems that will arise out of it are going to run signicantly deeper than just the price of gas going up.

Between our debacle in Iraq and this, a lot of people might look at the great and mighty United States differently, and start to think that we're not as great and mighty as they once thought.

Enough people do it and we're in big fucking trouble.

The body count is going to spike alarmingly in this next week, watch.

And they won't be able to put it out on Friday afternoon this time.

It wouldn't surprise me when caught with his Chertoff and his pants down around his ankles, and his DHS/FEMA pinheads sit down and do their After-Action Analysis Evaluation Reports and run the numbers and they realize that the amount of American people that died during the DELAY in getting them the aid that DHS & FEMA have taken BILLIONS from the Treasury is supposed to provide the populace in the first fucking place is greater than the loss of life on 9.11 and in Iraq, thus far, COMBINED.


If these guys aren't the REAL looters here than I don't know who is.

The blood of anyone that died trying to get some food to eat is a stain that no flood will ever wash off of them.

I'm done.


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