Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mike Malloy Is Off The Air In New York City

What fresh hell is this?

Mike Malloy has been taken off of AirAmerica's New York affiliate, flagship, station WLIB, and is being replaced with....

get this.....



Are you fucking kidding me?

First the AirAmerica suits take Morning Sedition and Mark Maron off the air, right when Howard Stern creates a morning comedy vacuum by moving from AM to Sirius, mind you, and replaces him with Rachel Maddow, and now THIS.


I'm gonna be sick.

Mike says that it's being done for financial reason, i.e. ABC Radio offered AirAmerica an offer they couldn't refuse to run the Satellite Sisters in his place.


This is so retarded, I don't even know where to start.

In past days, I'd say something like, oh, I dunno, write your congresscritter, or alert the press, but as of late those standbys have proved more useless than a FEMA issued umbrella in New Orleans last August.

Drop AirAmerica a line here and let them know how you feel:



fabucat said...

I *like* Rachel Maddow & Mark Riley goddamn it! Satellite sisters just don't seem to be a evening thing. I think that it's gonna flop.

Nyc Alberts said...

I thought Rachel's early morning show before 'Morning Sedition' was a bit livelier than what she's doing now, though I never heard the show she did in Jerry Springer's current timeslot.

Riley doesn't even do the show with her, he's got the 5 to 7am slot and she goes from 7 to 9am.

Thank goodness for the Whiterose Society hosting Mike's show's here:

And in New York City proper you can always catch Lionel's Show on WOR 710 AM for the full 3 hours, Malloy got cut off at midnight on WLIB.

So half of one, six dozens of another.

fabucat said...

yo both Riley & Maddow have their strong points. I take 2 hours apiece with each. Riley actually gives me reason to wake up @ 5 ayem.

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