Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Political Difference Between The USA and Canada

Kim Campbell, former Prime Minister of Canada, had this to say on Bill Maher's HBO show on the 30th of July 2004:


I have been dying for the Democrat or somebody to say, which is,

“What if we had a President who believes in science?”

He said that last night. Because I really think the huge divide in this race is between religious people. Every time I hear somebody who talks about President Bush – here’s one in USA Today, and every day I hear this:

“God puts people in authority for good reason.”

I wonder if this guy will agree with that if Kerry gets elected.

But it seems like the Bush people are all religious people, and Kerry is saying,

“You know what, there’s another way to go.
We’re steering the ship of state, we can use a compass instead of a Bible."

It just seems like that’s where it’s coming down to in this country and the world.


I thought that was a really important comment. I thought it sent a really important message. Because, you know, I don’t think you could be elected Prime Minister of Canada if you had ever said that you thought God wanted you to the run, and that you thought the jury was still out on evolution.

MAHER: Right.

It's just the opposite here in the United States, isn't it?

Good luck getting elected Dog Catcher if you profess a doubt in the existence of god.

How did things get this far?

I'll be writing more on this subject later, but wanted to post this here now before I forgot.


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