Monday, November 13, 2006

How To Declare Victory In Iraq

Leaving off the fact that we've already "won" the war/invasion of Iraq in the Spring of 2003, and that we are already the "victors", please allow me a way to say that there is a way out of all of this.

It's not all that complex.

It's a rather simple idea, really.

Let's just go back to our original Causus Belli, the threat of Saddam Hussein possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction to be used against The United States of America.

What's to stop us from saying:

"We went into Iraq confirm our fears, found out that the WMDs in Iraq are not the threat we thought them to be, we removed Saddam as a possible, probable, future threat, to the USA, were he to remain in power in Iraq, and, additionally, because we are such good people, we helped create the roots of a democracy in Iraq, so our mission has been accomplished."
How hard is it to say that?

What would it cost us?

It's a perfect out that allows us to leave Iraq, with our honor and dignity intact, and our heads held high.

What's not to like?

Otherwise, the argument gets caught in a perpetual "we can't leave until we win" cycle, which is, like, impossible, in the midst of a Civil War, (that's got nothing to do with the USA, save for us being caught in the middle of it), but, if we just go ahead and admit the fact that we've already won the war, and past that, done everything that we've set out to accomplish, then we're golden.

See, there is no "winning" when you try to argue with the Right Wing, that's an exercise in futility. However, if you accept their arguments at face value, and agree with them, then you've eliminated any wriggle room that they might have.

By saying that the Iraq war has already been won, what that does is is that it reframes the argument entirely in such a way that if they were to disagree with it, they would have to admit to losing, which they hate more than anything else, and it's their pride that will force them to agree with that proposition.

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