Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Monday

Jurrasic Pork expands on his ever burgeoning "It's A Blunderful Life" meme, complete with PhotoShopped illustrations done by a talented collaborator over at Hooterville.

Go check it out, tell him Nyc sent ya.

Today, of all days, when the death toll in Iraq, 2,972, pulls to within one death of tying the 9/!! record of 2,973 dead.

That enough of a Christmas "miracle" for ya?

Don't go too heavy on the eggnog.

Oh, and Pope Nazi?

Quit kidding yourself and your flock with your delusions.

All the "Prayer's For Peace" in the world are not going to bring back a one of those men and women, so knock that bullshit off.


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