Saturday, August 20, 2005

Gmail - [gr gruppe]: Hoist One for HST @ approx 9:30ish pm, eastern time

from an international listserv that I'm on.

Subject: RG: Hoist One for HST

Tonight at sunset/moonrise, (around 7:30 MDT),
the ashes of Hunter S. Thompson will be fired from a cannon,
just the way he wanted.

I suggest that tonight, at around that same time (6:30-ish PDT,
all you in other TZs, figure it out), all of us who loved and
admired him should partake of something he would have enjoyed,
in his honor.

We'll miss you, Hunter.
We need your ilk now more than ever.


huh, mebbe i can rustle me up some sparklers or bottle rockets out here on our spread, don't think the nieghbors will mind that, much, not after i cleared away all that bush brush.


"..... and it is in dying that we are born to eternal life....."

etc, etc, etc, and shit, bitch.


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