Saturday, August 13, 2005

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Well well, here we are less than one month away from the 4th Anniversary of September 11th, gasoline nationwide is fast approaching the $3 a gallon mark at the pumps, and Wall Street's Dow Jones Industrial Average closed yesterday at 10,600 and change.

On the morning of September 11th, 2001 the DJIA, as noted in a previous post here, was at 9,604.

In other words, in the 4 years since 9/11, the Stock Market has risen less than a thousand points.

2.5% a year for four years running when we should something closer to 10% isn't the summer doldrums, it's a long term trend that's nobody's friend. Next time someone tells you how well the economy is doing run these numbers by them and ask them what they make of that.

Add to that the rumblings from the housing market that's threatening to blow and the absolute drubbing the dollar is taking from the euro and what we may see in the short term is a confluence of events that bring along a Perfect Financial Shit Storm to these parts.

I was watching Neil Cavuto on FAUX New yesterday afternoon and they ran a clip of a lady motorist complaining that she was going to walk more now that gas is at $3 a gallon.

They kinda laughed at her, and then later in the show, during a movie review, they openly mocked her on live national TV by saying that the movie that they were reviewing was so good that you had to 'hurry up and walk to go see it.'

These FUX guys are such first class shit-hells, aren't they? Personally, I hope they continue to make snide little comments like that so that their core audience gets to get a really good look at what these whores really think of them.

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