Thursday, June 14, 2007

GigaOM GigaOM Top 10 Most Popular MMOs «

GigaOM GigaOM Top 10 Most Popular MMOs «

If I had a dollar for each person on all these, it would be $36M per month.

Nice revenue stream.


Nyc here, trailing Dennis.

As much as I am loathe to send anyone away from A Pen Warmed In Hell, to some other point on the Werld Wide Websicle, (that we know and love as the tube of trucks that is the Internets, only to have the 50 odd people that show up here everyday leave and never come back), there are times when one must defer to another's Superior Kung-Fu.

In this case it's the work of Mr. D. Wong, who has given the world the first, last, and always, word on MMORPGs.

See here.

Ya'll come back now, see ya real soon.



Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Sorry I haven't been cruzin ur blog lately. nuts at home and work but good posts and videos! i am back full throttle now to my rants.


Anonymous said...


ShawSkank Redemption

Days Left Until Bush Leaves Office, Maybe, Countown Clock