Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tell Me The Part Again How Our Healthcare System Isn't Broken....

.... Because I'd love to hear it.

In Russia, in the Ukraine, the world's best region for growing crops, in the 1930s, millions starved to death because of a broken political system.

In America today, the country with the world's best Health Care, millions of the uninsured are going to end up just as dead as those Ukrainian peasants, as a result of a system of doing things that is just as broken as what those Ukrainians had to deal with 2 generations ago.

(Insert appropriate Santanya quote here.)

UPDATE: This has gone viral, with the latest news being that the Hospital in question is looking at being shut down within 2 weeks if they don't get it together.


I call *bullshit* on that because what happened at this one particular hospital is not the cause of the problem, but merely a symptom.

Deal with it.

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