Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ann Coulter Win Ugliest Dog Of The Year Award, Again!!!

It's That Time Of The Year Again......

As sure as the rain will fall, and the sun will shine, I'm a gonna get me what's mine, I find it absolutely amazing, to no end, that each, and every year, that one can count on two con-current events happening simultaneously ....

One is that:

"Teh Ugliest Dog In The World"

Willl be beknighted:

And Ann Coulter will do a live, stand-up remote on Tweetiebird's, aka, Chris Matthews, Hardball show on MSNBC:


Or is it.....


Given the inherent bias of this site, my money's not on Satan.

I'm just sayin'.....

UPDATE: The above pic of Coulter is from a year ago, these two are from yesterday's appearance to flog her POS book, now out in paperback:

What's really scary is not only Coulter, but her Kool-Aid swilling fans that surround her.

If there was ever an indictment of America's Educational System, the fact that she has so many of these pin-heads that like her, and what she stands for, than that is it.

I fear for my country's future, if this is what our self-proclaimed "best and brightest" are into these days.

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