Thursday, March 8, 2007

Back Stabbing USMC Reservist Corporal Matt Sanchez Is A Traitor And A Kapo

Note: My experience in the Marine Corps is that there is nothing worse than a back-stabber, which is what Corporal Sanchez has proven himself to be by betraying every gay person in America by consorting with their enemies on the Right.

From a recent correspondence:

On 3/7/07, Nyc W. Alberts wrote:

I'm curious, under the 'don't ask, don't tell' provisions, isn't Cpl
Sanchez in some sort of violation of the UCMJ if he's still receiving
any sort of residual income from his film work? Do you know anyone that
knows what sort of statute might apply to that or who may be able to
follow up on that angle?

Semper Fi,


Anon Blogger wrote:

nah - i won't go after him... he did serve, after all...

Nyc W. Alberts wrote:

2 kinds of Marines, Reservists, and those that wish they were.

Now I'm going to get serious, because all kidding aside, none of this is a laughing matter and is as grave as a heart-attack.

I had a gay, black, Annapolis Lieutenant, that looked like Denzel Washington, (that took a liking to me, because I went to the College that's directly across the street from the Naval Academy in Annapolis), avidly pursue me on the Base I was stationed at in 1989, that I had to forcefully rebuff his sexual advances towards me, that I didn't turn in because, a) I would never do that, b) it would have been a waste of his very expensive taxpayer education and promising career and c) I thought the policy was/is retarded and d) oh, right, I'm as straight as an arrow.

However, I believe this guy, Matt Sanchez's, case is different than my Butter bar Lieutenant's was in that he's already been outed, and he's gotten into bed with people that are trying to outlaw people like him who have his sexual orientation, for nothing more than his personal gain and enrichment and he doesn't care that those that are orientated like him have been, and are going to be, treated like second class citizens, or worse.

I view gay Republican/Conservatives like him in the exact same way that Jewish Nazi Death Camp Prisoners viewed those among them who co-operated with their Nazi jailers, they had a name for them, "Kapo".

A traitor, is a traitor, Mike, and this guy totally qualifies, he did pose with Coulter immediately after her Edwards slur, with a big smile on his face, too, and I believe a valid question is if he's a traitor to his own people, then is that someone you really want representing the Marine Corps?

Max Blumenthal did a really good job of conveying this same point here:
There is of course nothing inherently wrong with Sanchez being a gay porn star or a male escort. His past is only notable because he chose to join a movement that exploits anti-gay sentiment for political gain. Coulter’s now-famous “faggot” remark was not an aberration, but rather a symbol of the politics of resentment that propels the conservative movement and its elected Republican surrogates; a reflection of the bigotry conservatives have sought to write into the Constitution through the so-called Federal Marriage Amendment. The ascendant “family values” wing of the right is also responsible for sabotaging legislation allowing homosexuals to serve openly in the armed forces, a maneuver that may now spell the end of Sanchez’s career.
Now, I'm not going to lead a charge to nail this guy to the tree, but I do want to get across the magnitude of what it is he's doing by his attempt to get with people who want to vacate the civil rights of an entire class of people, that he belongs to, in this country, and just because he served doesn't automagically entitle him to a pass, in fact, just the opposite applies in his case, because he's serving, and selling out at the same time, he should be held to account, maybe not by you or me, but by somebody he is causing harm to.

Aight, that's enough of that rant.

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Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Great commentary on the Sanchez situation. I rant about it as well on my blog. The issue isn't about being gay, it's about having principles. This guy has none. My cousin, Cpl Jesus Medellin of Fort Worth, Texas was the first loss in Iraq from our hometown. This guy does a great dis-service to not only Marines, but to all who wear the uniform proudly, without whoring it for their own personal, hypocritical gain. Once a whore, always a whore.

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