Thursday, March 8, 2007

Worse Than Katrina

A comment I just posted on The Huffington Post:

Walter Reed is worse than Katrina.

Let me back that up.

More people have been killed in Iraq than were in Katrina.

More people have sustained life long injuries than we have seen with Katrina.

New Orleans may eventually recover, many of our Vets will never recover.

Katrina affected an area of the United States that is the equivalent in size to that of Great Britain.

Our neglected and maltreated Vets come from every State of the Union.

One thing that they are equal to in scope is that they are stains upon America visited by the Busch Administration that will linger for many, many years.


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Progressive Texas Chicano said...

thanks for adding my blog, i will add urs as well. do NOT even get me started on the Walter Reed situation. i volunteered with Texas Democratic Veterans and we were protesting and trying to raise awareness about the BULLSHIT the vets were enduring at the facilities here in texas last year. love how the gop and the msm are in kahoots to "support the troops" ass!

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