Sunday, March 11, 2007

Fun Week For The Reich Wing

This time last week the Right Wing Blogosphere was all in a tizzy because Mike Stark of CallingAllWingnuts, posted a picture of himself taken at CPAC 2007, with Michelle Malkin on his website.

They totally freaked over there on the Rabid Right, and hurled the charge of being a "stalker" at him and made all sorts of threats upon his person, which is no surprise, given the near beating he took at the hands of the thugs that were working on the er-election campaign of former Republican Senator George Allen, because Stark asked him a few impertinent questions during a campaign stop last year.

That might have been the end of it, except right after CPAC was over, it turned out that one of the darlings of the right, a 36 year old junior at Columbia U., in NYC, by the name of Matt Sanchez, a Marine Corps IRR Corporal, who allegedly stood up to some anti-war protesters at Columbia, who had been feted for his efforts on O'Reilly and Hannity's shows on FOX, turned out to be a gay prostitute and porn star.

He was invited to attend CPAC 2007 so that they could bestow the honor of giving him The Jeanne Kirpatrick Academic Freedom Award for his allegedly standing up to the anti-war contingent at Columbia.

It wouldn't be nearly as funny if it weren't for the fact that this gay USMC, Individual Ready Reserve, Corporal Matt Sanchez was sought out by Michelle Malkin herself, here's how Sanchez describes their meeting at CPAC:

"One of the prettiest faces on TV was among the first to greet me at the CPAC. In the world of blogging Malkin is a giant where most aspire to be lilliputian. I hoped to introduce myself to her, but she gleefully welcomed me before I could even speak. "Cpl Sanchez!!!". I was honored she even knew my name, and believe or not, she's even more attractive in person. "


Too funny.

Here's the picture that Malkin with Matt Sanchez at CPAC 2007 that she gladly posed for:

It's been fun watching these idiots fall all over themselves over this, they kind of forgot all about Mike Stark's picture with Malkin.

I wonder why?

Here are some comments I wrote earlier this week in response to a wingnut about this case:

Nothing wrong with being gay and and it's not a bad choice or a mistake to be in gay porn flicks or engage in consensual sex for pay.

Columbia University isn't cheap and there's no way the Montgomery GI Bill would even begin to cover his textbook costs, never mind tuition, and I'll bet he had a better time making his money for that that way than he would have had flipping burgers.

So more power to him, as far as that goes.

I've had a gay, Annapolis grad officer try to sleep with me when I was in, that I could have turned in and destroyed his military career, but I didn't, because I had respect for them as a person.

This piece of shit, puke, Sanchez, on the other hand is a traitor and a Kapo, of the Benedict Arnold class, because by getting with Malkin, Coulter, Hannity and O'Reilly, he's sold himself out, and betrayed everyone of his sexual orientation, to people that want to outlaw people that have his sexual orientation, just so he can get ahead and have his 15 minutes.


And if he's seeing any residual income from his film career that he didn't tell his recruiters about when he enlisted then he's in violation of the UCMJ and needs to be drummed out of the Corps for being a liar.

If a traitorous kapo like that is what the "Conservatives" of modern day America have devolved into respecting, then you guys are about done.

Good luck to you.

Here's another set of pics of Sanchez and his fan base that I ran earlier this week:

1 comment:

Willy said...

Hey, I noticed your comment on Matt Sanchez's blog. In that comment you mentioned that you were a marine at one point.

There is a discussion thread about Sanchez at the Marine Corps Times website. I made several posts there, and you'll see that I was advised not to comment further because I'm a civilian.

Oddly enough, the guy who posted that advice did so after I had sent him a PM telling him I intended to stop posting in the thread because I didn't want it to turn into an ego contest between me and Sanchez, the waste of skin.

That said, I agree with the point he made: Marines should be the primary arbiters, at least on the Marine Corps Times forum.

So, I hope you'll consider going there and commenting about Sanchez, and doing so as a marine. I think marines need to weigh in on this. I further think that the most effective way to stop Sanchez dead in his tracks is if fellow marines tell him in no uncertain terms exactly what a shithead he is.

As a gay civilian who is friends with a gay marine who was horrendously wounded in an IED attack, and who became a true battlefield hero in the process, Sanchez's little act offends and embarrasses the living shit out of me. The guy needs to be slapped down.

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