Monday, March 26, 2007

On Meeting Tom DeLay In An Unusual Place In NYC

(This is a cross-post from a comment I left on Crooks and Liars)

I shook The Bug Man's hand this past week in NYC.

I was in the lobby of the newspaper, The Forward, (an Air America sponsor, btw, more on this below), going to see them on business, when I looked up and saw the disgraced Congress Critter.

I couldn't help it, I blurted out his name, which led to him sticking his paw out for a shake.

I was too close to refuse it, so I took it.

For a piece of ooze, I must admit that he had a decent firm and grip, not too gross and clammy, as you might expect.

That's the nicest, most charitable, thing I can say about him, outside of the fact that he looks just like his mug-shot in person, only shorter, balder, (I'm taller, leaner, and have much better hair, thank you very much), and DeLay doesn't look like he's missing too many meals.

Anyways we locked out mitts for a moment, and as we did, Mr. DeLay said to me,

"Nyc, Tom DeLay, it's a pleasure to meet to meet you."

To which I responded:

"Sir, I couldn't possibly begin to say the same to you.

Not after what you and yours have done to my country."

He kinda drew back, not sure if he heard me right, and just so there was no mistake I asked him,

"How's that case of yours in Texas coming along for you?"

He said it was great, that "they didn't want to to trial" at which I just snorted, and then I asked him about this new Congress, and what he thought of them and he replied that he was "disappointed."

I'll bet.

The elevator arrives, and as you can expect, it's not just awkward in there, but as DeLay's fellow Texan, Kinky Friedman, would say, a complete tension convention in there.

He nattered on about how his congress had done some great work in the 12 years he worked on the Hill, and I told him that I had seen it up close and personal for the near three years I worked on the Hill and that it was going to take a generation to undo.

Finally, the elevator stopped at our floor, we were going to same place on separate business, and the last thing he heard from me was,

"I need to take a really hot and soapy shower now."

What I'm having a real problem with here is that, given its illustrious history, WTF is going on that The Forward would let something like that into their offices?

I don't get it.

I didn't ask then, but I can ask now. 

If anyone has an answer to that question, I'd love to hear it.

My hunch is is that it goes beyond making the rounds for his new book.

Another question is, is that in DeLay's three person party, one was a tall nebbishy dude and the third was this uber-hottie, that was most definitely not his wife.

How do human scum-buckets like him attract women like that?

The Kissinger thing doesn't apply here, (since DeLay's been driven out of Office), or does it?


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Progressive Texas Chicano said...

That jackass came back to Sugarland, Texas and they treated him like some kind of hero. Man these ridiculous republicans herald and worship scum like Delay, Cunningham, Ney, Abramoff, Cheney, et al.

Glad you let him know that he's the scum that he is. Complete trash. Plain and simple. I detest the air that MF well as his ridiculous followers. Complete filth.

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