Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Untapped, $5 Trillion Market

Dennis Crow, Our Pen Warmed In Hell regular contributor wrote:

The Untapped, $5 Trillion Market
Doing the math on this suggests that the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) folks average $1250 per year income. Hmmmm, I made about $5K last year. I guess things could be worse.

Let me, Nyc Alberts, respond to this:

$5K last year?


I didn't do much better, myself, but then again, I know I'm not my motherfucking khakis, so it doesn't sting as much as the TV tells me that it's supposed to.

So there.

This article is slightly disingenuous in that while it states that the purchasing power for the 4 billion Bottom of the pyramid (BOP) folks is $5 trillion dollars, it completely leaves off just how many trillions of dollars of purchasing power we 2 billion folks at the Top of The Pyramid (TOP) have to spend.

Put the TOP and BOP cash figures together and divide by 6.5 billion, and then you'll really have something to work with.

In the meantime, consider this, courtesy your friend and mine, Tyler Durden:

"You are not your motherfucking khakis"

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Progressive Texas Chicano said...

anything and any way to screw the damn poor. how do these robber barons look at themselves in the mirror? "OOO! Look what WE can exploit!"

may they all rot in hell.

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