Sunday, March 11, 2007

This Is A Public Service Announcement: Do Not Motherflucking Call - Time to Reregister, Bitches

Do Not Call - Time to Refuckingregister

The Do Not Call Registry is a shield against annoying telemarketing calls.

link: The National Do Not Call Registry

The Attorney General of Kansas has reminded that it may be time to re-register:

“”What people sometimes forget is that the registration is only good for 5 years…they need to re-register soon,” said Ashley Anstaett, of the Attorney General’s Office.”

link: Attorney General Urges Kansans to Register Do Not Call

And you can register a cell phone number too.

Catherine Forsythe
Director of Operations

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Progressive Texas Chicano said...

actually i LOVE telemarketers. i answer the phone "crossdressers in crisis may i help you?" or when it's one of those free cruises i tell them i only go on gay porn cruises or gay cruises and i proceed to get REALLY graphic. my phone rings A LOT less as of late.

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