Tuesday, January 2, 2007

A Friend Writes....

This is a letter written by a friend to the Editors at The Washington Post yesterday.

Since I'm not sure if they're going to run it, I will:

"Dear Editor:

It was with great sadness to learn that yesterday, December 30, 2006, the U.S. death toll for soldiers in Iraq reached the 3,000 mark.

Just a few days prior, the U.S. toll on its soldiers mirrored that of the
deaths on 9/11/2001, 2,973.

For many, this is the time of year for great joy. For me and my
family, it is one of great sadness. I wish to convey to our soldiers
on the field that the solidarity of the United States is behind them.

Yet, I can't help but wonder if this great sacrifice was truly worth
it, especially in light of the now public views of one of our great
Presidents, now also deceased.

The nation continues to mourn for every life lost, U.S., Iraqi,
Coalition or otherwise, and hopes that the bloodshed will not continue to dominate the new year as it did the past.

No...it's not Viet Nam.

It's even more pointless.

These are my friends dying, day after day, and it literally hurts to keep looking down this neverending path."


I don't see how any of us can feel any different.
3,000 pointless, futile deaths, when are we going to finally have had our fill.

Congress needs to get on the stick, that's what we elected them for, now.

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