Thursday, January 4, 2007

I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag.... Again

Hey some things are so good, they just GOTTA be posted twice in as many day so as maybe they'll sink in.

Turn your speakers ALL the way UP.



Nikolas Landauer said...

Y'know, I'd heard about that video, but never got around to seeing it.

Fuck yeah.

Nyc Alberts said...

Hey cool, thanks for your "Bush isn't Hitler... He's Nero" line.

I've been using it for years, ever since your Mom quoted you as saying that.

Yeah this song rocks. Played it on my laptop on the back of my bike on a rack after dark in Washington DC on Election Eve 2004, and rode up and down Connecticut Avenue, right in the heart of the Belly of the Beast for a couple of hours that night with it going at full volume.

Just wish they had released it 3 months earlier, might have had a bigger impact on the election.

On Inauguration Day I watched the Inaugural, in my best suit and tie and one black glove, in the lobby of 1050 Connecticut, it's the building a block up from K Street with the huge American flag hanging in the autrium, on a hi-def screen they had there, with this song playing through my headphones while they swore this Frat Boy punk in. I wrote that story all down and as soon as I track it down I'm going to post it here in the archives.

If Dre & Em ever get it together politically they can be a powerful force for good, which is what I'm hoping this song is only the start of.

Days Left Until Bush Leaves Office, Maybe, Countown Clock