Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hey! Big Dick "Hogwash" Cheney, This Is A Taste Of What Waterboarding Feels Like

There will come a day, Darth Cheney, when your Sith Lord Mind Tricks will lose their power.

Actually your approval ratings are about 18%, so they already have, you just haven't woken up and smelled Father Ted's amphetamines yet.

You got a taste of your own, courtesy of Wolf Blitzer talking about your gay daughters impending baby, you big, sniveling, hypocritical baby

"DimeStoreFool" a Wonkette commentator put it best when s/he said:

"dimestorefool says:

For a moment there I thought I was watching Lon Chaney and not Dick. The veep turned white as a ghost and nearly shat himself and then Wolf lets the fucker squirm away:

"Well, er, um...the public.. um...may be the we seems relevant Mr. entirely lesbian daughter...uuuh.who I do wish well..well let's move on."

How in the hell do these sorry-ass reporters look in the mirror in the mornin? This piece of human filth has spent a nice long career voting against rights for every minority group on the planet and when his own daughter decides to play for the other team the topic is suddenly off limits. Fuck him and the reporters who enable this sorry bullshit.

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