Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Gerald Ford Is Dead. Long Live The Gerald Ford!!!!!!

A National Day of Mourning Under A Full Moon

This is a "placeholder" post because I have a lot to say on the subject but for now here's my letter to Peggy Noonan at the Wall Street Jopurnal, that she didn't run, (just like the one I wrote her for the Reagan Porn Funeral column she wrote where I asked her, since her son was so taken with the Pomp And Circumstance, and LOVED the military Uniforms there, which Branch Of Service was she going to recommend to him to Enlist in, hmmm?), but for now here's the letter to, (cue: swine snorting noises), Miss Peggy:

The following letter has been submitted via the OpinionJournal article response feature.
Contents of response as follows:

Name: Nyc Alberts
E-mail: DigitalComponents@gmail.com
City/State: NY, NY
Date: Sun, December 31st, 2006

Re: Ford Without Tears

As much as I disagree with pretty much every word that you write, and speak, this is right on the money.

President Gerald Ford represents what the Republican Party used to stand for before they went off the deep end as they have.

One thing I'm not seeing in all these eulogies is how he stood by his wife, Betty, in getting the help she needed. At that time there was still a huge stigma in American society for those afflicted with alcoholism and/or drug addiction seeking any sort of help because of the bogus shame that the Neo-Prohibitionitic Puritans of America had saddled it with.

He could have easily just tossed her to the wolves, but being a decent man, he didn't, and that has had a huge transformative effect on American
society, to the better, at least on the health issues side. The criminal issues stuff around this is another matter though that I'm not going to get into here.

RIP Mr. Ford.

Stay tuned to A Pen Warmed In Hell, there's more to come....

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