Monday, January 8, 2007

Do You Smell Something Funny?

(See that idiot Drudge doesn't have the monopoly on the siren thingy that he thinks he does.)

Mysterious gas odor in NYC and Jersey City

F station at W. 23rd St and 6th Ave evacuated, PATH train service suspended between. 33rd Street and Journal Square and 33rd Street and Hoboken

Fucking awesome.

The Plan of the Day today was to go job hunting, since APWIH has yet to turn a dime, (people, those "ads by goooogle" on the sidebars are not up there because I'm running a charity, y'know) and thanks to some Kentucky stir fried idjit in Chelsea who forgot to relight the pilot on their stove Rachael Rat and Martha Stewart are being pre-empted to cover this nonsense.

If they figure out who this idjit is, I hope they get billed for all the lost ad revenue the local TV stations had to make good on to their clients.

It's just as well for me though, it turns out that not only is the guy I'm working for a crook, (his being banned for LIFE by the SEC from working in the Securities industry is how I know this), but also he's the same guy that tried to extort $10 million dollars from Fox Broadcasting founder and USA Networks Barry Diller by cybersquatting the URL I'll throw a link up for that as soon as I track it down, or you can just google it yourself from here.

Of all the people in NYC to get my first indoor job in 5 years it had to be this guy.

Don't know about you, but I find that kinda funny.

Oh, well, at least he's a good teacher and I'll be better able to recognize creeps like him in the future.

Sucks having to go look for another job though, since now that I know this about him, I can't work for him anymore, never mind that his current, legit, biz doing Student Loan refinancing is coming apart at the seams, because he's running out of names to call and his VoIP equipment\software is a buggy piece of shit that hasn't worked right in almost a week now, meaning my next paycheck is gonna really suck.

What the hell, it just gives me more time to concentrate on A Pen Warmed In Hell anyways, which from here on in is my real job anyways.

Click those sidebar google ads people so I don't have to go work for people like that anymore, m'kay?

Please. Pretty please, with sugar on top?


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